Table 7

Other secondary outcomes

ItemNPG beforeNPG afterAdj pMatched beforeMatched afterAdj p
Was the species reported?203203100.097.7 to 100189189100.097.5 to 100NS16316499.495.8 to 99.918818999.596.3 to 99.9NS
Was the strain reported?18720392.187.5 to 95.118118995.891.8 to 97.9NS14916490.985.4 to 94.417618993.188.5 to 96.0NS
Was the sex reported?6919335.829.3 to 47.89618452.245.0 to 59.3NS5916136.629.6 to 44.46718336.330.0 to 43.8NS
Was exact age or weight given?3120315.311.0 to 20.94118821.816.5 to 28.3NS4116425.019.0 to 32.23918920.615.4 to 27.0NS
Was ethical approval reported?11619459.852.7 to 66.512117868.060.1 to 74.4NS9115160.352.3 to 67.812318068.361.2 to 74.7NS
Ethical guidelines reported?14819974.467.9 to 80.015418185.179.1 to 89.6NS11115173.565.9 to 79.913718175.768.9 to 81.4NS
In vivo antibodies8914262.754.4 to 70.29813572.664.5 to 79.4NS3811533.025.1 to 42.15812745.737.2 to 54.4NS
In vitro antibodies7512560.051.2 to 68.210714275.467.6 to 81.7NS2910427.920.1 to 37.25112640.532.2 to 49.2NS
Total antibodies16426761.455.4 to 67.120527774.068.5 to 78.8NS6721930.624.8 to 37.010925343.137.1 to 49.3NS
Cell lines
Cell line source5110250.040.4 to 59.69613770.161.9 to 77.1NS538463.152.3 to 72.76211155.946.5 to 64.8NS
Recent authentication?1951.10.2 to 7.191267.13.8 to 13.2NS4765.32.0 to 13.21971.00.2 to 7.0NS
Recent mycoplasma testing?1971.00.2 to 7.03312726.019.1 to 34.34×10−5 1771.30.2 to 8.61971.00.2 to 7.0NS
Data deposition
Accession: DNA/protein306149.236.9 to 61.5326450.038.0 to 62.0NS102147.627.8 to 68.2194542.228.8 to 56.9NS
Accession: macromolecular0400.0 to 60.44757.120.2 to 88.2NT0200.0 to 80.23475.021.9 to 98.7NT
Accession: crystallography5771.430.2 to 94.931127.37.3 to 60.7NT1250.09.4 to 90.50100.0 to 94.5NT
Accession: microarray123336.421.9 to 53.7213855.339.5 to 70.1NS71546.724.1 to 70.7121866.742.9 to 84.2NS
Accession: other2728.77.2 to 67.381844.424.0 to 67.0NT1520.010.5 to 70.14666.724.1 to 94.0NT
Computer code with paper?31421.47.1 to 49.452420.89.0 to 41.3NS0500.0 to 53.721414.33.6 to 42.7NT
Code in public domain?31127.39.0 to 58.652420.89.0 to 41.3NS0500.0 to 53.721315.43.9 to 45.1NT
Was that code accessible?2366.712.5 to 98.25771.430.2 to 94.9NT0100.0 to 94.52450.015.0 to 85.0NT
Did the code function?2367.712.5 to 98.222100.019.8 to 100NT00NT
Say where you could get code?0900.0 to 37.11166.30.3 to 32.3NT2540.07.2 to 83.001000.0 to 34.4NT
Human materials
Reporting ethical approvals354381.467.0 to 90.4465682.169.9 to 90.1NS132356.536.3 to 74.8293876.360.4 to 87.2NS
Reporting consent354283.369.0 to 91.8475683.971.9 to 91.4NS152462.542.2 to 79.2243863.247.0 to 76.8NS
Consent to photos2366.712.5 to 98.211100.05.4 to 100NT00200.0 to 80.2NT
Clinical trial number02366.712.5 to 98.2NT11100.05.4 to 1000NT
CONSORT00NT0100.0 to 94.50NT
REporting recommendations for tumour MARKer prognostic studies (REMARK)0100.0 to 94.50NT0200.0 to 80.20100.0 to 94.5NT
  • n, number meeting the criteria; N, total number of studies where that criteria is relevant; %, per cent meeting the criteria; CI, 95% CI of that percentage; Adj p, adjusted significance level (two-sample proportion test (prop.test) followed by Holm-Bonferroni correction (p.adjust.methods)); NS, not significant at p<0.05; NT, not tested (n<10 for one of the comparisons).

  • CONSORT, Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials; NPG, Nature Publishing Group.