Table 5

Compliance with individual Landis 4 items, in vivo and in vitro research

ItemNPG beforeNPG afterAdj pNon-NPG beforeNon-NPG afterAdj p
In vivo
Report method of randomisation?31701.80.6 to 5.31917011.27.2 to 16.9NS11340.80.1 to 5.141492.71.0 to 6.9NS
Statement about randomisation141698.35.0 to 13.59715164.256.3 to 71.53×10–14 71365.12.5 to 10.4141479.55.6 to 15.4NS
Blinded?81984.02.0 to 7.94218422.817.3 to 29.48×10–6 21621.20.3 to 4.871833.81.8 to 7.8NS
Statement about blinding31821.60.5 to 5.07313255.346.8 to 63.43×10–14 11510.70 to 4.621651.20 to 4.7NS
Exclusions reported?2820213.99.7 to 19.35818930.724.5 to 37.60.008161649.86.1 to 15.32218911.67.8 to 17.0NS
Exclusion criteria defined?24200128.2 to 17.33518818.613.7 to 24.8NS141638.65.2 to 14.02018810.67.0 to 15.9NS
Clear these were prespecified?12540.6 to 23.653912.85.4 to 27.3NS01700.0 to 22.902100.0 to 19.2NS
Was SSC done?41962.00.8 to 5.32718214.810.4 to 20.80.0008015600.0 to 3.031831.60.5 to 5.0NS
If not done, was SSC mentioned?31921.60.5 to 4.79015458.450.5 to 66.03×10–14 11570.60 to 4.421801.10.3 to 4.3NS
In vitro
Report method of randomisation?014900.0 to 3.151732.91.2 to 6.8NS11250.80.1 to 5.511570.60.1 to 4.4NS
Statement about randomisation014900.0 to 3.12616715.610.8 to 21.97×10–5 012300.0 to 3.841562.61.0 to 6.6NS
Blinded?61553.91.8 to 8.4161798.95.6 to 14.1NS31312.30.7 to 6.911620.60.1 to 4.2NS
Statement about blinding11500.70.1 to 4.62515715.911.0 to 22.50.0002012700.0 to 3.711580.60.1 to 4.3NS
Exclusions reported?131598.24.8 to 13.62918215.911.3 to 22.0NS71335.32.5 to 10.6101656.13.3 to 10.9NS
Exclusion criteria defined?121597.54.3 to 12.82317812.98.7 to 18.7NS71335.32.5 to 10.691655.52.9 to 10.2NS
Clear these were prespecified?01400.0 to 26.81244.20.6 to 24.4NS0800.0 to 40.001100.0 to 32.1NT
Was SSC done?21551.30.3 to 5.0141777.95.1 to 13.5NS012900.0 to 3.6016100.0 to 2.9NS
If not done, was Sample Size Calculation mentioned?51533.31.4 to 7.64716528.522.1 to 35.82×10–7 012900.0 to 3.611620.60.1 to 4.2NS
  • n, number meeting the criteria; N, total number of studies where that criteria is relevant; %, per cent meeting the criteria; CI, 95% CI of that percentage: Adj p, adjusted significance level (two-sample proportion test (prop.test) followed by Holm-Bonferroni correction (p.adjust.methods)); NS, not significant at p<0.05: NT, not tested (n<10 for one of the comparisons).

  • NPG, Nature Publishing Group.