Table 6

Secondary outcome: statistical items, in vivo and in vitro experiments

ItemNPG beforeNPG afterAdj pNon-NPG beforeNon-NPG afterAdj p
In vivo
Exact n9320345.839.8 to 52.713118969.362.4 to 75.50.00047616446.338.8 to 54.08918947.140.1 to 54.2NS
Technical or biological replicates13720168.261.4 to 74.215118880.374.0 to 85.4NS9216456.148.4 to 63.510218854.347.1 to 61.2NS
Number of times replicated4519922.617.3 to 28.96818337.230.5 to 44.4NS3516421.315.7 to 28.33618819.114.1 to 25.4NS
Test described if uncommon?265151.037.5 to 64.3416860.348.3 to 71.7NS244257.141.1 to 71.9305356.642.4 to 69.9NS
t-Test defined as one-sided or two-sided?6113345.937.6 to 54.410214470.862.9 to 77.70.0033010030.021.8 to 39.75010945.936.8 to 55.3NS
Correction for multiplicity6311654.345.2 to 63.16912256.647.6 to 65.1NS5710156.446.6 to 65.87411862.753.7 to 71.0NS
Reporting full statistics3916723.417.6 to 30.43617121.115.6 to 27.8NS2113615.410.3 to 22.52015612.88.4 to 19.0NS
Reporting of average13518174.667.7 to 80.414717186.079.1 to 90.4NS11014774.867.2 to 81.212116872.064.8 to 78.3NS
Definition of error bars15918187.882.2 to 91.915516892.387.1 to 95.4NS11814481.974.8 to 87.412916578.271.2 to 83.8NS
Testing of assumptions151718.85.4 to 14.04416526.720.5 to 33.90.002121349.05.2 to 15.11815611.57.4 to 17.6NS
Reporting measures of variation14318378.171.6 to 83.513917280.874.2 to 86.0NS11514281.073.4 to 86.912516974.066.6 to 80.3NS
Variation less than twofold135324.514.8 to 37.8226136.125.1 to 48.8NS124924.514.5 to 38.4175034.022.3 to 48.0NS
In vitro
Exact n5115832.325.4 to 40.09318170.544.1 to 58.60.0504913336.829.1 to 45.44316526.119.9 to 33.3NS
Technical or biological replicates9015956.648.8 to 64.113718275.368.5 to 81.00.0355213339.131.2 to 47.67016542.435.1 to 50.1NS
Number of times replicated6215839.231.9 to 47.18518147.039.8 to 54.2NS4813236.428.6 to 44.95816435.428.4 to 43.0NS
Test described if uncommon?234254.839.7 to 69.0365862.149.0 to 73.6NS194443.229.5 to 58.0143935.922.6 to 51.9NS
t-Test defined as one-sided or two-sided?5110946.837.6 to 56.29413072.364.0 to 79.30.008278232.923.6 to 43.8308933.724.7 to 44.1NS
Correction for multiplicity4810247.137.6 to 56.75911451.842.6 to 60.8NS409542.136.7 to 57.65410054.044.2 to 63.5NS
Reporting full statistics2514017.912.4 to 25.12716016.911.8 to 23.5NS1611214.38.9 to 22.01913514.19.2 to 21.0NS
Reporting of average12214981.974.5 to 87.314016087.581.4 to 91.8NS9012671.462.9 to 78.611114875.067.4 to 81.3NS
Definition of error bars13614991.385.6 to 94.915516494.589.8 to 97.1NS9812280.372.3 to 86.411914681.574.4 to 87.0NS
Testing of assumptions131399.45.5 to 15.43415521.916.1 to 29.1NSNS1106.43.1 to 12.891336.83.6 to 12.5NS
Reporting measures of variation11214975.267.6 to 81.413216281.574.8 to 86.7NS8912571.262.7 to 78.410314770.162.1 to 76.9NS
Variation less than twofold94018.49.8 to 31.7155527.317.2 to 40.4NS124626.115.4 to 40.5174537.824.9 to 52.6NS
  • n, number meeting the criteria; N, total number of studies where that criteria is relevant; %, per cent meeting the criteria; CI, 95% CI of that percentage; Adj p, adjusted significance level (two-sample proportion test (prop.test) followed by Holm-Bonferroni correction (p.adjust.methods)); NS, not significant at p<0.05.

  • NPG, Nature Publishing Group.