Table 1

Data extraction

Study designExperimental groups and sample sizes
Animal model characteristicsSpecies, strain, sex and age. Data about oestrous phase will be extracted specifically for the review on sexual behaviour.
Intervention characteristicsType of sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation method, time of sleep deprivation onset, duration of sleep deprivation protocol, recovery time between sleep deprivation and behavioural testing.
Duration and onset of daily sleep opportunity time will be extracted in cases of studies employing sleep restriction protocols.
Information about the timing of sleep deprivation (before pregnancy, during pregnancy or postpartum) will be extracted specifically for the review on maternal behaviour.
Outcome measuresBehaviour assessed, behaviour assessment method used, time and phase (light–dark cycle) of assessment and duration of behaviour analysis session.
The exact postpartum day of behaviour analysis will be extracted specifically on the review about maternal behaviour.
Other dataNumber of animals excluded (dropouts), reason for excluding animals and number of experiments per article.