Table 2

Median and range for quality/RoB scores were calculated for the studies included in each review

Study (reference)Assessed quality/RoBScore for included publications, median (range)Scoring system
Auboire et al15Yes—Quality4.5 (3–6)CAMARADES
Chen et al17Yes—Quality5 (3–7)CAMARADES
Dong et al18Yes—Quality4 (2–6)CAMARADES
Janssen et al20Yes—Quality5 (2–6)CAMARADES
Liao et al23Yes—Quality2.5 (1–4)Jadad scale (modified)
Ma et al24Yes—Quality4 (3–6)CAMARADES
van der Spoel et al29Yes—Quality1 (0–5)Authors' custom scale
Wei et al30Yes—Quality3 (2–6)CAMARADES
Zhang et al31Yes—Quality5.5 (4–8)CAMARADES
Silverblatt et al26Yes—Both5 (3–8)CAMARADES (modified)
5 (1–10)SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool
Albuquerque et al12Yes—RoB62.9 (40–74.3)ARRIVE
Archambault et al13Yes—RoB4 (4–8)SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool
Cao et al16Yes—RoB3 (2–4)SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool
Gaubys et al19Yes—RoB3 (1–4)Cochrane’s Risk of Bias Tool
Lambrecht et al21Yes—RoB2 (1–4)GRADE (modified)
Li et al22Yes—RoB1.5 (1–5)SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool
Suen et al27Yes—RoB1 (0–2)SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool
van der Bent et al28Yes—RoB2 (0–8)SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool
Ashcraft et al14No
Senders et al25No
  • CAMARADES score is out of 10, Jadad scale is out of 5, SYRCLE’s Risk of Bias Tool is out of 10, ARRIVE score is a percentage, Cochrane’s Risk of Bias Tool is out of 7, GRADE score is out of 5, van der Spoel’s (2011) custom scale is out of 5.

  • ARRIVE, Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments; CAMARADES, Collaborative Approach to Meta Analysis and Review of Animal Data from Experimental Studies; GRADE, Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation; RoB, Risk of bias; SYRCLE, SYstematic Review Center for Laboratory animal Experimentation.