Table 1

Summary of baseline characteristics of included systematic reviews

Papazova et al5Lees et al6Antonic et al7Jansen Of Lorkeers et al8Zwetsloot9
Disease typeNephrologyStrokeSCIMI (large animals, all cell types)MI (all animals, cardiac stem cells)
No of studies711171568280
No of comparisons31/106*192319125109
No of animals18132704573614151970
Primary outcomeBlood pressure and urinary proteinInfarct volumeNeurobehavioural outcomesCardiac function (EF)Cardiac function (EF)
Overall effect size0.60 (0.34–0.87)†24.8% (21.5–28.1)‡27.3% (25.1% to 29.4%)‡8.3% (7.1%–9.5%)10.7% (9.4%–12.1%)
  • *31 comparisons for blood pressure, 106 for urinary protein.

  • †Primary outcome for blood pressure converted to a standardised mean difference.

  • ‡Primary outcome for infarct volume and neurobehavioural scores converted to a normalised mean difference.

  • EF, ejection fraction; MI, myocardial infarction; SCI, spinal cord injury.