Table 3

Summary of all current cell therapy clinical trials in phase III in the fields of nephrology, neurology and cardiology ( search on 1 November 2019)

Disease type# Phase
III studies
Trial codes
Renal failure0
Kidney failure0
Neurodegenerative disorders
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/motor neuron disease2NCT01933321, NCT03280056
Parkinson’s disease1NCT03128450
Alzheimer’s disease0
Huntington’s disease0
Acute neurological disorders
Stroke3NCT01716481, NCT02849613, NCT03545607
Spinal cord injury3NCT01676441, NCT01873547, NCT03935724
Cardiac disease
Myocardial infarction16NCT00279175, NCT00316381, NCT00350766, NCT00363324, NCT00501917, NCT00684060, NCT00725738, NCT00950274, NCT01187654, NCT01392105, NCT01394432, NCT01569178, NCT01652209, NCT02323620, NCT02672267, NCT03404063,
Heart failure9NCT00333827, NCT00462774, NCT00743639, NCT00747708, NCT00841958, NCT01693042, NCT01759212, NCT02032004, NCT02248532
  • Bold=completed. Normal font=ongoing/unknown status