Table 1

Data extracted from each publication

Bibliographic informationAuthorship, year, journal
Experimental designSee items in the adapted CAMARADES checklist (box 1) and RoB Syrcle tool23
PopulationSpecies, strain, sex, age, the timing of euthanasia, phenotype of experimental rodents
InterventionSR 1–3 (antidepressants): Type, mechanism of action, dose, via, number of injections per day.
SR 3 (ablation of neurogenesis): the method employed to the ablation
ComparisonSR 1, 2: Type of vehicle.
SR 3: the method employed to the sham ablation.
Outcome (qualitative)SR 1, 2: Type of marker, antibodies used, the protocol for detection, protocols for BrdU injection (survival or proliferation), protocols of measuring (stereological or non-stereological). SR 2, 3: type, metrics and method of acquisition (manual or automatic) of the behavioural outcome.
Outcome (quantitative)All SRs (per outcome, for experimental and control groups): mean, SD or SE, sample size (when available, effect sizes with 95% CI), p values or the values of F or t, and correlation indexes (SR 2).
  • RoB, risk of bias; SR, systematic review.