Table 1

Description of study quality variables provided in the data sets

VariablesData typeDescription
Control of temperature during stroke inductionCategoricalTrue, false
Random allocation to groupCategoricalTrue, false
Blinded induction of ischaemiaCategoricalTrue, false
Blinded assessment of outcomeCategoricalTrue, false
Anaesthetic without marked intrinsic neuroprotective activityCategoricalTrue, false
Use of comorbid animalsCategoricalTrue, false
Sample size calculationCategoricalTrue, false
Compliance with animal welfare regulationsCategoricalTrue, false
Statement of potential conflicts of interestCategoricalTrue, false
Monitoring of physiological variables during stroke inductionCategoricalTrue, false
Prespecified inclusion-exclusion criteriaCategoricalTrue, false
Reporting of excluded animalsCategoricalTrue, false
Injury confirmed by laser DopplerCategoricalTrue, false