Table 2

Description of study characteristic variables provided in the data sets

VariablesData typeDescription
Nature of IL-1RA deliveredCategoricalVector, protein, transgenic, bone marrow cells
Time of first drug administrationContinuousTime after induction drug is administrated (min)
Time to outcome measureContinuousTime it takes to assessment of outcome (min)
Cumulative drug doseContinuousDose provided in first 24 hours of administration
Route of drug deliveryCategoricalIntracerebroventricular, intravenous,
subcutaneously, other
Number of drug administrationCategoricalMultiple, other
Type of ischaemiaCategoricalTemporary, other
Method of ischaemic occlusionCategoricalElectrocoagulation, intraluminal filament, other
Anaesthetic usedCategoricalIsoflurane, halothane, other
Method of infarct measurementCategoricalCresyl violet, TTC, other
SpeciesCategoricalRat, mouse
StrainCategoricalSprague Dawley, Wistar, C57BL/6, other
Mode of deliveryCategoricalCentral, peripheral
Correction for oedemaCategoricalCorrected, other
ComorbidityCategoricalNone, other
Published pre-2009CategoricalTrue, false
  • IL-1RA, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist; TTC, triphenyltetrazolium chloride.