Table 1

The general search strings

Laboratory rodent animalsRodentia OR rodent OR rodents OR rat OR rats OR rattus OR norvegicus OR mouse OR mice OR murinae OR muridae OR murine OR mus OR musculus OR woodmouse OR apodemus
ThigmotaxisThigmotaxis OR thigmotactic OR open field OR anxiety OR fear
PainSpinal cord injury OR nerve injury OR nerve injuries OR nerve transection OR nerve ligation OR neuropathy OR peripheral neuropathy OR polyneuropathy OR neuropathic OR headache OR headache-like OR migraine OR migraine like OR arthritis OR osteoarthritis OR rheumatoid arthritis OR colitis
Sensory phenotypesPain OR hyperalgesia OR analgesia OR analgesic OR analgesics OR allodynia OR neuralgia OR hypersensitivity OR hyperalgesic OR hyperalgesia OR antinociception OR anti-nociception OR hypoalgesia OR hypoalgesic OR antihyperalgesia OR antihyperalgesia OR antihyperalgesic OR anti-hyperalgesic OR anti-allodynic OR antiallodynic OR anti-allodynia OR antiallodynia